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Submasters started out in a small store front in 1991. In a market flooded with fast food restaurants and pizzerias, we wanted to bring a restaurant to the forefront that focused on submarine sandwiches. We decided to not only offer the run of the mill standards but to expand the category with some truly unique flavor combinations. Our Garlic Steak and Bacon (formerly the Shells Special) the Honey Stung Chicken, our western N.Y. twist on the Philly Style Cheese Steak as well as many others have made our menu an exception among the standard pizzeria offerings. Sub sandwiches aren't our side line, they're our specialty! We have since opened another 17 locations throughout the U.S. and staying true to our original products and recipes, Submasters is still to this day known for our quality service and products! We invite you to stop by, say hello in person and find out why we are truly the SUB MASTERS!

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